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How To Make A Corporate Video: Production Tips For Businesses

Let's talk business. One of the most important advise I can give you is this: "DO NOT do it yourself". Let's face it, we are dealing with your livelihood, income and most important of all the business you have worked hard to buildup and spent a lot of time in. It deserves your care and attention. Hire a professional video production company such as cre8evemedia to do the project for you. You would need to consider the following points first: 1- Quality of work What I mean by that is the equipment and cameras being used to capture the footage and the people behind those cameras. Let's put it in a simpler way. I ask you this, how much would the difference in quality of work be if the footage was taken with a $35000 camera and experienced cameramen vs do it yourself with a DSLR camera worth say a few hundred dollars? There you go, you have your answer! 2- Company-Client communications. The company you hire must have a policy of working with their client throughout the entire project. You cannot have a company to come and shoot footage and after a few weeks hand you the final video without even consulting with the client during the whole process. 3- In-house editing process Most companies now a days hire a third party editor to do their work for them. At, we have our own in-house editors. The benefits: for large projects we always have our editor present at the shooting scene, this will allow him/her to visualize and sometimes advise the director what kind of shots they need to take to do the editing process creatively.

4- Cheap production There is an old saying: "I am not rich enough to buy cheap". Basically it means you may save money at first, but later on you will have to hire a proper professional to do the job for you again. If reputable companies who have worked with giants in the market and have experience in this field charge a lot, rest assured, there is a reason for it. The first thing is that, what they do for you, you cannot do yourself. Second, they are charging for the top quality and state of the art equipment they use. Third, they are charging for their experience in the trade. So now, the high price tag makes sense. And perhaps not to difficult to agree to their prices . Believe me, it might sting at first, but at the end it'll all be worth it. Because your company will benefit from the results and you will most certainly make your investment back very soon.

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Chuck Bush
Chuck Bush
24 de jun.

Corporate video production can indeed be a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their brand presence and communicate their message effectively. I particularly appreciate the emphasis on understanding the target audience and crafting a clear, concise message. The tips on pre-production planning and scriptwriting are incredibly valuable, as these foundational steps can make or break the final product. Also, the advice on using high-quality equipment and professional editing to ensure a polished result is spot-on. Video production is a powerful way to raise brand awareness in the digital era. Forward Co is a leading video production company in Adelaide, South Australia.

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